Pump Massage

What is pump massage?

Pump massage is a type of therapeutic massage which is used for body sculpting, cellulite reduction and to treat such diseases as osteochondrosis, colds, bronchitis and pneumonia. The medical effect of this massage is realized by means of vacuum that causes the local rush of blood and lymph to skin from deep lying tissues, which exerts the reflex influence on vessels of internal organs. pump massage is performed by using rubber glass, a small silicone massager.

Vacuum massage is believed to be one of the most trusted and efficient treatment against cellulite. It smooths hypodermic fat layer and skin becomes more elastic.

How does our massage technique acts?

This helps to accelerate the removal of waste pro¬ducts and by-products of metabolism, preventing it being deposit within the tissue. Inside the connective tissue it brings about the elimination of superfluous tissue liquids.

How does our massage work?

The functioning of the device can be compared to a two-cylinder pump. When both hands apply pressure in the direction of the lymphatic channels, the electrostatic field created attracts the fragments of tissue. When (during the duration of the impulse) the electrostatic field discharges, the tissue returns to its normal position. By repeating this process, a rhythmical movement of the tissue is created. The effect is similar to a pump movement. By means of this pumping mechanism, an effective evacuation of the different segments of the connective tissue takes place.