What is Micropeel?

Specially formed synthetic needle tips are pressed on the skin and repeated in high frequencies. The treatment with micropeel guaranties a better absorption of the active agents.

How does Micropeel act?

With a 5 minutes treatment, about 250.000 synthetic tips hit the epidermis. Because of the micro¬peel’s rubbing hub movement the skin cells become loosened. In addition a stimulation and vibration accrues which is agreeable for the customer. The stimulated Dermis reacts very positive. Micropeel is used after the Re-action treatment and as preparation of the skin for the following micropeel stimulation treatment.

How is Micropeel applied?

Micropeel is a hygienic article, sterile packed (one-time application!). Because of hygienic reasons, from this moment on, the beautician has to use Vinyl gloves. Micropeel is then inserted into the guidance and fixed with light pressure on the Beauty-Defect-Repair hand piece (the Micropeel plate lies very mobile in the holder). In the menu of bdr-program, the bdr-micropeel-treatment is chosen, corresponding to the skin type automatically the average hub number becomes adjusted, which, of course can be changed individually.