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This cream contains bioactive ultrafiltered peptides which aid the regeneration of skin and the creation of new cells. The effect of the placental ultrafiltrate is strengthened by goji berries. The effect of the goji berry extract can be seen in how it quickens the metabolism of the skin cells, which means that the cells change more quickly and the growth of new cells can be stimulated. Thanks to this, the skin is smoother and suppler, and acquires a more youthful appearance on the face and around the neck. The cream supports the longevity of the skin, and reduces the formation of wrinkles. The nourishing substances prevent the formation of free radicals, allow the skin to protect itself better from aggressive influences, and fight against ageing. The cream is suitable for women and men. Visible effects can be seen after the first week of regular use. The cream’s luxurious texture is suitable for all types of skin and for daily use. The cream is primarily designed for use on the face, neck, and hands.

Placental hydrolysate (Placental Enzymes), ultrafiltrate from the skin and connective tissue of juvenile animals (Cutis et Subcutis), fruit of Goji berry (Lycium Chinense) note: contains no parabens

Placenta, skin, goji


Jar 50 ml

1500 μg/ml

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