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This bioactive ultrafiltrate has ingredients which focus primarily on the reawakening of male strength and potency. The ingredients in the preparation come from a combination of well-known plants which contain male strength and potency. Puncture vine contains a plant form of testosterone, which has a desirable effect on male potency and supports the growth of muscle mass and an increase in physical and mental performance. Another active ingredient, the Maca root, comes from the Peruvian rainforests and aids in the natural creation of testosterone; it contains an exceptional amount of nutrients which lengthen and improve life, positively affect reproductive health, and significantly improve physical and mental performance. Like ginseng, it helps resolve midlife crises, also known as “manager’s syndrome”. Both plants regulate the hormonal system, increase the libido, and help bring the body back into balance. This bioactive ultrafiltrate made of plant mixtures helps in the improvement and maintenance of erections, and triggers enthusiasm and energy in everyday life.

Ultrafiltrate from the fruit of Puncture vine (Tribulus Terrestris), root of Peruvian cress (Lepidum Meyenii), root of Siberian ginseng (Eleuterococus Senticosus)

Puncture vine, Maca, Siberian ginseng

Daily 1 ampoule for 8 weeks

28x 2 ml

1500 μg/ml

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