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This wide-ranging bioactive ultrafiltrate works on the revitalisation and total regeneration of important organs.

Important organs interact with each other and can only fulfil their role in mutual cooperation. In their mutual relationships, the core organs of the human body form a closed circle where every organ affects all the others and contributes to the maintenance of an overall balance in the whole body. The exceptional and complexity of this laboratory product can be found in the synergy of the individual elements which it uses. This product is a typical preparation using the effect of “organ specificity”, that is, it supplies separate organs in the body with missing active substances which come from the same organs of related vertebrates/mammals, wherein the acquired peptides are identical to those in humans.

The preparation, which is an ultrafiltrate from the organs of juvenile animals, contains a mixture of peptides which thus contributes to the harmonious functioning of all important organs in the body.

Ultrafiltrate from the thymus of juvenile animals (Thymus), liver of juvenile animals (Jecur), cardiac muscle of juvenile animals (Myocardium), lungs of juvenile animals (Pulmones), stomach of juvenile animals (Ventriculus), the brain and spinal cord of juvenile animals (Cerebrum et Medulla Spinalis), kidney of juvenile animals (Ren).

Ultrafiltrate from the main organs and thymus


Daily 1 ampoule for 8 weeks

28x 2 ml

700 μg/ml

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