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This bioactive ultrafiltrate made from plants is aimed at physical exertion and sports performance. It invigorates physical performance and eliminates moments of crisis when transferring from burning saccharides to fats.
The ginkgo plant improves capillary blood flow, which eases absorption. It contains substances which have a protective effect on the body’s cells. Puncture vine contains substances which increase the level of natural testosterone in the body. It is useful in cases of incontinence, it normalises heart and vascular activity, and it has a positive influence on thyroid activity. Goji berries contain all essential and nonessential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid, beta-sitosterol, and carotenoids. Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol which is used in the regulation of increased levels of cholesterol and diseases of the prostate, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect.
This bioactive ultrafiltrate will help the body better manage its physical performance. The content of each ampoule provides the body with adequate quick-release energy.

Ultrafiltrate from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo Biloba), fruit of Puncture vine (Tribulus Terrestris), fruit of Goji berry (Lycium Chinense)

Ginkgo, Puncture vine, Goji

Daily 1 ampoule 30 minutes before physical performance

28x 2 ml

4500 μg/ml

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