Skin creme

These ultrafiltrate creams help in the harmonisation, regeneration, and rejuvenation of ageing skin and skin affected by various factors


Old skin and skin worn out by external factors loses its suppleness and becomes wrinkled. Often the skin is host to various inflammations, eczema, and common unpleasant conditions, such as excessive dryness or oiliness. The most critical aesthetic areas are the face, around the neck, and the hands. The skin is the protective covering of our body and is therefore often mechanically damaged in various parts. Even though skin has the ability to quickly regenerate when we are young, from a young age we are marked by scars and stretchmarks. Regardless of age, women’s skin is particularly affected by cellulite, which often affects self-confidence, satisfaction with one’s intimate life, and time spent on the sports field and at the beach.

This remarkable range of cosmetics therefore focuses on resolving all these problems which the skin can face. The creams have a base of peptide ultrafiltrates which penetrate into the skin, where the regenerative process is triggered, leading to suppler and visibly younger skin without wrinkles or widened pores. Some creams specifically target the skin’s more serious defects.

Thanks to their ingredients, these preparations help revitalise damaged and worn-out skin cells, and help quicken the process of the creation of new cells. Primarily due to their adaptability, the placental peptides contribute towards the effective elimination of the actual causes of changes in the skin, and their effects can be seen already after one week of use.

Reconvel creams are no ordinary cosmetics; feeling some tightness on the skin is a natural reaction. Their biological aroma is the result of peptides, which have a biological origin and are without any chemical additives. The creams should be applied on clean and dry skin. Five minutes after application, ordinary cosmetics may then be used on the skin after washing.

These cosmetic product ranges focus on:

Skin of the face and neck

  • mild and more distinct wrinkles
  • sensitive skin
  • problematic skin (acne)
  • dehydrated and tired skin

Skin of the head

  • against hair thinning
  • stimulating hair follicles

Skin of the whole body

  • cellulite and stretchmarks
  • sensitive and atopic skin