Ultrafiltrates which help to revitalise and invigorate the body

This product range focuses on REVITALISATION and INVIGORATION at those times when we are not satisfied with our state of health. Sometimes we find ourselves in states between health and illness which can signal the onset of various mental and physical problems. Stress, anxiety, and fear can threaten our health and significantly affect our physical wellbeing. Regeneration involves a process leading to recovery. Invigoration involves the body’s increased ability to quicken regenerative processes. It is with this sense and purpose that the preparations in this product range have been made.

The range focuses on the useful links between regenerating and invigorating a weakened body and the synergy of animal and plant peptides in targeting the physical and mental imbalances we may suffer from.

This product range primarily focuses on:


  • Organs
  • Cns (central nervous system)
  • Musculoskeletal system


  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing and a reduction in psychosomatic influences
  • Lust for life (even in cases of severe illness)
  • Improved performance for sportspeople and those who work hard