These ultrafiltrates help regulate and support the body and increase and optimise its immunity

This product range focuses on IMMUNITY and AUTOIMMUNITY, which can cause serious problems in the human body when there is an imbalance and significantly decrease comfort. The immune system is formed from a collection of blood cells which help protect the body and ensure its harmonic functioning as a whole.

These preparations, which are based on peptide ultrafiltrates, have a unique ability to help strengthen the immune system against inadequate immunity and regulate it in the case of autoimmune activity by bringing reduced values up to an optimum level. These preparations help in harmonising the immune system, contributing to the ability of the body to address chronic deficiencies and external factors.

This product range primarily focuses on:

  • Supporting immunity
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Allergies (seasonal and permanent)
  • The body’s resilience
  • Eliminating viruses