About Reconvel

Reconvel products from Cell Core Laboratory production belong to the most sophisticated dietary supplements and special beauty care products in the world.

This is proved especially by the parameters of their contents.

The company is based in Bratislava, in the capital of the Slovak Republic, a European Union Member State.

The laboratory is operating at near Nitra, in premises meeting all the necessary standards for the development and manufacture of dietary supplements, including the Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

The expert team is composed of people whose portfolios include study and work at home laboratories in addition to the world‘s top laboratories, as well as lecturing at several universities around the world.

For several years, the team has been hosting as a professional component of development, preparation and production of active ingredients for cosmetics in various companies engaged in aesthetic medicine and cosmetics.

The laboratory team is headed by Associate Professor Ing. Pavol Babušík, CSc., Dr. h. c., who has been focusing his practical experience mainly on animal biotechnology for more than 35 years. He is the author and co-authored of more than 80 scientific papers and countless textbooks.

How we make our products

How we make our products

Peptides and other biologically active substances of a low molecular weight are made with the help of “tangential crossflow filtration”. In order to actively manage this method of filtration, it is important as a first step to puncture the cell membranes as well as the cytoskeletons of animal and plant tissue at a very low temperature (minus 80 degrees Celsius). After multiple pre-filtration procedures, the acquired substrate then undergoes a final ultrafiltration, which brings about the required very low weight of the bioactive molecules.

This process produces bioactive ultrafiltrates mass up to five kilodaltons (kDa)*. The final filtration uses a technically certified filter which ensures the passing through of peptides and inorganic substances of less than 2 nanometres.

In addition to its ability to pass through cell walls, the advantage of this ultrafiltered biological material is the fact that it is impossible for preparations to contain larger microbes, viruses, mould, or allergens. Its concentration in the filtered liquid is then measured, and it is adjusted through dilution to an ideal strength.

As opposed to the more commonly available heat treatment of peptides used by the majority of other manufacturers, a great advantage of the process and technology used in the acquisition of peptides in our laboratory is that the peptides remain bioactive. In other words, they are alive**. Thanks to this, the peptides are capable of fully assisting in the proper functioning of cells.

The preparations for oral use are put into radiation-sterilised and hermetically sealed ampoules under laboratory conditions. Our cream preparations are put into vacuum-packed applicators. Our products are kept at a cool temperature during transport and storage so that their bioactive properties are maintained.

* Dalton is a unit of molecular weight. The size of a molecule weighing 5kDa is around 1 to 2 nanometres.

** Continual bioactivity is ensured due to the temperature never exceeding 40 degrees Celsius at any stage of the preparation process